I read … March 18

The connection between the language in which we think/program and the problems and solutions we can imagine is very close. For this reason restricting language features with the intent of eliminating programmer errors is at best dangerous.  – Bjarne Stroustrup, The C++ Programming Language (3rd Edition)

Bjarne Stroustrup Receives Draper Prize, Engineering’s Top Honor🔥

The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) honored Bjarne Stroustrup with the Charles Stark Draper Prize, the nation’s top engineering honor, for his work designing and implementing the C++ programming language.

StackOverflow Developer Survey 2018🔥

Seeking Last Group of Contributors🔥

OpenSSL seeks last group of contributors in the process of changing to Apache License.

23,000 HTTPS certificates axed after CEO emails private keys🔥

When Rowley asked for proof the certificates were compromised, the Trustico CEO emailed the private keys of 23,000 certificates. The report produced a collective gasp among many security practitioners who said it demonstrated a shockingly cavalier treatment of the digital certificates that form one of the most basic foundations of website security.

Introducing Apache Spark 2.3🔥

In addition to extending new functionality to SparkR, Python, MLlib, and GraphX, this release focuses on usability, stability, and refinement, resolving over 1400 tickets.

Collaborate in real time in Atom

Teletype(beta) for Atom lets developers share their workspace with team members and collaborate on code in real time.

Mill, a new Scala build tool🔥

Your shiny new Scala build tool! Confused by SBT? Frustrated by Maven? Perplexed by Gradle? Give Mill a try!

Bitcoin’s Academic Pedigree🔥

This article traces back the academic origins of the key components of Bitcoin that made it successful.

Type Level Programming in Scala step by step – Implicits Resolution

A beginner-friendly step-by-step guide on how to write type level programs in Scala.



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