I read… – Oct 2017

My favourite articles, or news I found interesting month by month. Not ordered by any means. News or recent content are marked with a 💥, the rest is older stuff that I just happened to stumble upon this month.

I have not yet achieved that elusive zero-byte graphics program, but I do believe that bulk, in programming or in writing, can sometimes be an inverse measure of clarity and thought. Users dislike “bloatware” not only because it is a pig that wastes their computers’ resources but also because they know it usually reflects design-by-committee and sloppy thinking. – Leland Wilkinson. The Grammar of Graphics. 2005

An open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership 💥
After fruitless struggle to prevent EME becoming Web Standard in its current form, EFF resigns from W3C

Firefox Quantum arrives November 14 💥
2x faster, consumes 30% less memory, redesigned UI

Clojure vs. The Static Typing World 💥
Interpretation of Rich Hickey’s latest ClojureConj talk.

Say hello to HTTP/2 for Node.js Core
Current release of got Node.js got experimental support for HTTP/2 in July

Why I Hate Frameworks
Parody of generalizing stuff in software

Comparing floating point numbers
Everyone has to do this once or twice a year

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
I finished Chapters 1 – 3 this month. Absolutely essential book for re-learning programming.

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